Juliet vs. shrubbery

Anybody know how to keep a dog from digging up plants? Juliet, my pit bull mix,  is the sweetest-natured, most loving dog anyone could want, but she has a couple of very bad habits. One is that she loves to dig up plants or prune branches from shrubbery. Maybe she thinks she’s helping?

One poor little bush has been dug up four times now. Each time I lovingly replant it, putting potting soil and water around the roots, and speaking to it encouragingly, assuring it that I do want it and intend to care for it properly and not let it die. Juliet, however, has no such intentions toward it. I have to watch her closely whenever she goes into the back yard, and be prepared to rush to the poor plant’s rescue. She does seem to be getting a bit better, but just when I think she’s over the digging stage and relax my vigilance, up comes the plant again.

She also enjoys breaking off and chewing branches from my powderpuff bush, my night-blooming jasmine, and my double hibiscus. None of those plants really seem to appreciate the attention.

Suggestions, anyone?

About E. Rose Sabin

Fantasy and science fiction author.
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