Dogs Lost

 I had quite a scare today. I left the house at 10:40, putting my dogs between two gates in the area between my house and my utility room. Both gates close with a simple up and down latch. I came home around 2 pm and found the front gate open and the dogs missing. I had no idea how long they’d been gone. I’d just come from grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, so I had to unload the groceries, but as soon as I did I got in the car and drove all around the neighborhood looking for the dogs and asking everyone I saw outside if they’d seen two dogs. None had until I came across my mail lady. She said, “Oh, those were your dogs. I saw them about two hours ago down by the Science Center. The Science Center is about five blocks from my house and across 22nd Avenue, a busy street. I drove down there and asked about the dogs. The workers there had seen them and tried to get them, but they wouldn’t come to them. That isn’t surprising for Kira but it is for Juliet, who loves everybody and is usually delighted to make friends with anyone. I was told they’d run back across 22nd in the direction of my house. More driving around. Went home and called Animal Services, but no one had found or reported them. I made signs and went around taping them onto telephone poles. When I got back home from doing that, there was a message on my answering machine that the person had found my dogs, had them in her back yard, and a number to call. I should add that both dogs have tags with their name and my phone number on them. I called and got the address where they were and went and got them. It was a considerable distance from my house, and to get to it they had to cross two busy streets. But at least they made it and stayed together. They are worn out now, both fast asleep. And I’ll be putting a padlock on that front gate after this! (I don’t have any idea how it got opened.) I’m so glad that my dogs have those tags as well as their licenses! They’re also microchipped. I try to keep them from ever getting out, but these things do happen despite my best efforts to prevent it. ALL DOGS SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE TAGS TO ID THEM!! I’m certainly happy that mine did. Now that my dogs are home safe, I’m looking forward to a very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.


About E. Rose Sabin

Fantasy and science fiction author.
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