Science Fiction Novel just published as ebook

Great news! My science fiction novel Shadow of a Demon has just been published as an ebook. It will be available from most (if not all) ebook distributors, but at present is available from my publisher’s web site, www. This url will take you directly to the book:

Shadow of a Demon is the first volume of a trilogy, but don’t worry, I don’t believe in cliffhanger endings. The story is complete in itself, as will be the second and third volumes.

In this first volume, India Terrano has a secret, one she dare not share with her family. Or with her fiancé, Rory Oshner. Especially not with Rory. Marriage to him represents so much—freedom to love, freedom to live a normal life, no more living in cramped, crowded quarters in decrepit buildings, hiding from the Interplanetary Patrol, moving frequently, always afraid.

India was still a child when her father brought to the space habitat farmed by the Terrano family a terrified young boy he’d rescued from the planet Speranza, where Terran colonists had fallen prey to a mysterious plague. Or that was the story spread by the Patrol to explain why the planet had to be sterilized of all life.

But India’s father knew the truth, and India knows it. Many of the colonists had become hosts of a symbiont known as a Viseg, for vita segreta, or secret life. The Visegs live within their hosts, subsisting on their energy and in return keeping them healthy. But the Visegs can also feast on outside sources of energy and could use that energy to harm or destroy anything that seemed to threaten their hosts. The energy they could draw from human power sources made them immensely powerful, too dangerous to be allowed to survive. Just before the Patrol sent a rain of destruction on Speranza, Riccard Terrano slipped into the colony to rescue his brother, his brother’s wife, and their son. He was able to save only the boy, Paolo. With the Patrol on his trail, he took Paolo to his family and introduced the frail and frightened boy to his daughters as the brother they’d always wanted.

But the last surviving Viseg had hitched a ride from Speranza: Riccard Terrano had become a Viseg host. When Patrol ships entered the habitat and began firing on the Terrano family, the Viseg exploded from Riccard in gouts of fire, drawing energy from the Patrol ships and destroying them all, immolating Riccard as it did so. The child India, watching her father’s destruction, felt something like a spark fly into her eye. The Viseg had made her its new host. As an adult she understands what horror that can bring.

Her family does not know. Rory must never know. But the presence of the Viseg is not an easy secret to keep. The Patrol finds the family, and the Viseg breaks forth in fresh acts of destruction that betray her secret, break up her family, and force India to flee from all she holds dear. Her search for a way to survive and to rid herself of the Viseg leads her on a terrifying journey, during which she must learn to communicate with her “demon” or perish.

 At present Shadow  of a Demon is available only as an ebook, but a paperback edition is coming, and of course I’ll announce it here when it becomes available. I should add that, while my previously published novels were all classified as Young Adult, the novels in this trilogy are written for adults.

Also coming: the second volume of the trilogy, Gift of the Trinde Tree. The third volume, Touch of Death, is completed but I’m still editing it and have not yet submitted it to my publisher.


About E. Rose Sabin

Fantasy and science fiction author.
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