Not ready yet

I haven’t written anything here in quite a while because I’ve been frantically editing and working on a submission package for an urban fantasy novel I finished and wanted to submit this month. Yesterday as I was working on the synopsis–the last thing I had to do before submitting–I looked through the novel to be sure I’d covered all the salient points. And I found a scene that had a huge logic fault. It was a scene I liked, but for some reason I’d overlooked the fact that it simply didn’t work as written.

So–back to the drawing board. I’ll not only have to rewrite that scene but others before and after it. I won’t be submitting this month. I am too optimistic about the prospects for this novel to send it off with sloppy editing and with a scene that doesn’t make sense. I’m not under a deadline, and I want this novel to work on all levels.

I’ve seen too many authors rush to submit work that isn’t ready, get rejections, and finally self publish because they are too impatient to be published to want to do that one more edit that would make the novel acceptable–or, in some cases, two or three more edits.

I’m certainly not saying that any time an author gets rejected it’s because the novel isn’t ready. We all have to accept rejections that can come for many reasons other than the quality of the work submitted. We’ve all read of best sellers that were rejected by publisher after publisher until finally one editor was willing to take a chance on the manuscript. Writers need a lot of patience. We can’t get discouraged and give up because of rejections. But at the same time, we have to be able to look at our work objectively and make sure it represents our best effort.

I won’t send my manuscript out until I honestly feel that it is the best I am capable of. I don’t have to compare it with other people’s work. I just have to know that I have done my own personal best. And I hope that that personal best will get better with each novel I write. That’s my goal.

About E. Rose Sabin

Fantasy and science fiction author.
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