It’s Here!

My novel Seduction of the Scepter was scheduled for release on October 9, but it is already available on line both in trade paperbook and as an ebook. I was quite delightfully surprised, and the more so when my complimentary copies arrived today! The book looks good!

I guess welcoming a new book is for an author somewhat akin to welcoming a new baby! It’s exciting and fulfilling, and it’s a real thrill to hold the book in your hands and look through it and think, “Yes! I wrote this!” Even though this is not my first but my 7th published novel, the thrill hasn’t worn off.  I hope it never will.

It’s also a lot of work. Instead of writing, I’ve been madly announcing the new arrival on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, here, and on my web site. I’ve been making phone calls to friends and family. I’ll also be sending out emails, arranging for book signings, etc. But as with any new arrival, the work is all worth it.

I’ve had bookmarks made to advertise the new novel, and of course the summary on a bookmark has to be really brief to fit the small space. I couldn’t use the description I’d written for the book cover and elsewhere. Here’s what I wrote to describe the novel on the bookmark:

Three sisters, daughters of a noble House. Three princes. Their fates inextricably intertwined. One sister weds a man who becomes involved in a plot to overthrow the ruling House. Another sister is betrothed to a prince, only to mourn his sudden death. The third sister also falls in love with a prince and hears him accused of his brother’s murder. One of the sisters will become a queen and will struggle to hold on to a very shaky throne. Discover their fates in Seduction of the Scepter.


About E. Rose Sabin

Fantasy and science fiction author.
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