. . . Lara Basmajinik, protagonist of Seduction of the Scepter:

Lara is an 18th century noblewoman from one of the Great Houses of the Eastern European country of Varonobsk. She has kept a journal from her 12th year. In it she vows that she will marry for love, not for political advantage, as her older sister, Leonilda, was forced to do.  As the daughter of Varonobsk’s most prominent Great House, it does not seem likely that she will be able to keep that vow. Yet Lara is fortunate. She falls in love with a prince of Varonobsk, and he with her. She can marry both for love and for political advantage.

But through her gift of overhearing random thoughts Lara is warned that her dreamed-of future will not be so easily realized. Her journal entries portray the dangerous path she follows.

Read what Chris Jackson, author of the Scimitar Seas novels, has to say about Seduction of the Scepter:

A beautifully written story of love and loss, duty and sacrifice, the devolution of innocence and the seduction of power,  Seduction of the Scepter will take you on a page-turning ride you will never forget!

Celebrate the October 9th release of Seduction of the Scepter. Buy the trade paperback or the ebook version. Available from Amazon and from Barnes and Noble.


About E. Rose Sabin

Fantasy and science fiction author.
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