Another Review

Here’s another review of Seduction of the Scepter to add to those I posted yesterday.

In Seduction of the Scepter, Sabin has found the perfect blend of lush vocabulary, lyrical style, and nimble writing. Taking full advantage of that trio, she tells a large-scale story of power and royal intrigue but manages to reveal it intimately through the pages of a journal. The journalist, the young noblewoman Lara Basmajinik, announces in the preface to her journal, “I know that what I’ve done I’ve done for love, but was it love of my realm? Of my children? My husband? Or love for the man I sent to death?” Let the reader beware. Seduction of the Scepter is much more than a woman’s thoughts and questions about love. Universal themes of honor, sacrifice, goodness, and evil are ever-present as the characters come to grips with their decisions and their destiny.

Diane Sawyer, author of The Treasures of Montauk Cove

I also want to add an appeal: if you enjoy my book, please put a review on Amazon or Goodreads or both. Reviews really do help sell books.

And, finally, a reminder that my newest book, Mistress of the Wind, is available now for the Kindle, and the paperback edition will be available very soon, I hope in time for Christmas.

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Fantasy and science fiction author.
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