Reviews of Mistress of the Wind

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Here are three reviews of Mistress of the Wind. I’d love to have more. If you’ve read the novel, please consider posting a review either on Amazon or Goodreads.

Mistress of the Wind, author E. Rose Sabin’s latest entry into the traditional fantasy genre, is a can’t-put-down tale of goodness versus evil, finding true love, and discovering one’s true heritage. Sabin’s trademark lush vocabulary, intriguing characters, strong plot, and lyrical prose transport readers to a mysterious world which will compel them to guess what could possibly happen next.

“As the story begins, Kyla Cren, a windspeaker, is on a mission to help the people of her village. True to her calling, she communicates with the wind, by speech and song, and reports to the villagers the dangers that the wind foresees, such as natural calamities–and the presence of mindstealers, evil creatures who steal a victim’s mind, leaving the victim helpless. A very motivated Kyla seeks vengeance against them because they murdered her parents, leaving her as a child to fend for herself. Without informing the villagers of a plot she overhears, that the mindstealers intend to ambush travelers, she relentlessly hunts down these cruel beings, killing one and maiming the other. This unleashes a series of challenges that threatens to overwhelm Kyla and break her spirit. Readers will cheer her every step of the way as she struggles to overcome evil in all its many guises.”
Diane Sawyer, author of The Treasures of Montauk Cove and The Cinderella Murders.

Action, surprises, and memorable characters — Mistress of the Wind has everything that makes for an excellent read! Windspeaker Kyla is determined to fulfill her duties and to avenge her parents. Every righteous step she takes along the way exposes her to unimagined danger. Yet, she goes forward, driven by her stubborn need to serve others honorably. In this novel, Sabin has created another view of her fascinating world, Arucadi. The pace is marvelous. You won’t want to miss this story. Read it if you’re already a fan. Read it if you aren’t, yet — I’m betting you’ll become one.
J. Anne Levesque

And, from GoodReads:
I won a copy of this book in a First Reads Giveaway.

Mistress of the Wind follows Kyla, a windspeaker, as she embarks on an unintended journey for answers behind Claid, whom is thrusted upon her possession without her consent, and ultimately stopping the Mindstealers through a third person narrative.

The mystery of figuring out what Claid really is kept me hooked from page to page. Additionally I liked how Kyla is torn between who to believe – Claid or the Mage Alair.

And boy, the author sure knows how to push her characters. My heart utterly felt for Kyla through the Line’s End segment of the book. I could really feel Kyla’s emotions and I ended up being frustrated by her predicament. Which is a good thing as this means that the story was able to invoke such an emotion from me (I don’t always end up emotionally invested in every book I read).

The ending is bittersweet but for me it sits just fine (I really couldn’t imagine it ending any other way).


About E. Rose Sabin

Fantasy and science fiction author.
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