The Terrano Trilogy Is Complete!

With the recent publication of my science fiction novel Touch of Death, the third book in the Terrano Trilogy, the story of the Terrano family reaches its exciting conclusion.

The Terrano Trilogy, Volume I

The Terrano Trilogy, Volume I

The first volume, Shadow of a Demon, tells the story of the breakup of the family, as India, the oldest of three sisters, struggles to contain or control the destructive symbiont living within her, and China, the middle sister, fights to keep the family safe from the Patrol. China’s methods alienate her from her sisters and from her beloved half-brother, Paolo. Paolo’s final rejection by their mother, his hopeless love for K.T., a novice of the Daughters of Mercy, worshippers of the All-Mother, and a bitter quarrel with China drive him off-world and into a very different life.

In the second volume, The Gift of the Trinde Tree, Bailey Marshall, a CATT Operative who plays a very minor role in Shadow of a Demon, crosses paths with China as she pursues her new career as a member of the female assassins known as Furies. The book’s principal character, along with Bailey Marshall, is Melalie Noris, whose story is complete in this volume.

The Terrano Trilogy, Volume II

The Terrano Trilogy, Volume II

Like India in Book 1, Melalie must fight off inner demons, but hers are of her own making: an overwhelming fear of failure coupled with addiction to a narcotic drug called chala. When Bailey sends her into a place of grave peril, her only hope of survival lies in her ability to conquer those inner demons and find her inner strength. And Bailey’s only hope of survival depends on Melalie’s willingness to save his life despite his risking hers.

The Terrano Trilogy, Volume III

The Terrano Trilogy, Volume III

The third volume of the science fiction trilogy, Touch of Death, tells of China’s search for Paolo and the desperate lengths she must go to save him from the lethal situation in which she finds him. Her quest involves reuniting with Bailey Marshall, accepting as an ally an enigmatic herma-phrodite, and luring K.T. away from her post as the Mother Superior of a mission established on a world where an apparent miracle has won large numbers of converts to the All-Mother. To finance her quest, China accepts an assignment to assassinate the leader of a rebel band, fighting to wrest land from earlier settlers. To accomplish her task, she enlists as a guerrilla fighter, facing not only the dangers of fighting the much larger settler force but also braving the wrath of the rebel leader, who punishes disobedience in his followers with a single touch of his bionic arm, wired to kill those he touches with that intent.

All three volumes are available in e-book formats. Shadow of a Demon and The Gift of the Trinde Tree are also available as trade paperbacks. Touch of Death is not yet available as a trade paperback but will be soon. Watch for the announcement here and on my website:

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1 Response to The Terrano Trilogy Is Complete!

  1. J. Anne Levesque says:

    I purchased the final volume as soon as it became available and have nearly finished it. The whole trilogy is rousing, fast-paced sci-fi action!

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