An Invitation

I admit it—I love time travel stories. I’ve even written one. My latest book, Deathright, isn’t just a time travel story, but time travel is definitely a big part of it.front cover

It was that love of time travel stories that led me to buy Nathan Van Coops’ first book, In Times Like These. I also liked that the book is set in the city I’ve lived in for many years—St. Petersburg, Florida. None of that would have mattered, however, if the book hadn’t been any good. But it was better than good. I found it excellent. A great read!

So of course I had to have Nathan’s second book, The Chronothon. By this time I knew that Nathan was writing a trilogy. And I knew I’d want the third book when it became available. Especially after I read The Chronothon. Imagine a marathon run through time. That’s what The Chronothon is about. The race through time is supposed to be a challenging but fun event, but it quickly turns deadly, a race not for a prize but for survival. After reading it, I hated the thought of having to wait months for the third book.Day After Never, The - Nathan Van Coops

When Nathan put out a call for beta readers for the third book, The Day After Never (and isn’t that a great title?), I eagerly volunteered, knowing that if chosen, I’d get to read the novel before its release to the general public. I did serve as a beta reader and felt honored to do so. And I want to tell my readers and anyone else who’ll listen that Nathan did it again! He came out with a book that has nonstop adventure, philosophical speculation about life and death, a look at what can happen if we continue to abuse our planet as well as how to keep it from happening, romance, and a collection of marvelously developed characters that you’ll remember long after putting the book down.

I’m thrilled to have been able to read the book ahead of publication. But the book is now about to be released, and on July 12th Nathan Van Coops is throwing a launch party—right here online. And everyone is invited. So stop by and see what all the excitement is about. I’ll be there along with other authors; there will be prizes, and best of all, you can find out more about and purchase Nathan’s books.

Here’s the link to click on to see what it’s all about. YOU ARE INVITED! I hope to see you at the party.


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Fantasy and science fiction author.
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