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Yes, yes, I know. It’s been way too long since my last blog. I’d kind of soured on writing. I’ve been dealing first of all with my oldest dog’s kidney failure. She has less than 10% of her kidney function … Continue reading

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Basing a Character’s Emotion on Personal Experience

#SFWApro Last week I talked about using one’s own fears to craft scenes in which a character experiences great fear and either has to overcome it or succumb to it and fail to attain a goal as a result. I’d … Continue reading

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Using a Character’s Fears to Strengthen the Plot

#SFWApro Rain clouds are moving in and thunder and lightning have two of my three dogs curled up at my feet to take comfort by my presence, both being frightened by storms. The third dog, Juliet, my pit bull mix, … Continue reading

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The Writer As Reader

#SFWApro A question I’m sure most authors get asked from time to time is, “Does being a writer affect the way you read?” The easy answer is that of course it does, in good ways and in bad ways. It … Continue reading

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Helping the Reader Suspend Disbelief

#SFWApro In last week’s blog I discussed ten “Don’ts”—things a fantasy writer must take care not to do to break the reader’s willingness to believe. As I promised then, this week I’ll discuss some “Dos.” 1. If your novel is … Continue reading

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Where Do You Get Those Crazy Ideas?

#SFWApro I suppose every writer at some point (or at many points) gets asked, “Where do you get your ideas?” And, of course, there are easy answers: newspaper and magazine articles, overheard bits of conversation, photos, events in your life … Continue reading

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Developing Minor Characters

This is a continuation of my previous blog describing the process by which I’m writing the novel currently in progress. I talked about stopping the actual writing to develop characters who are important but not principal characters. The principals I … Continue reading

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