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On Letting Go

In my previous blog I wrote about books so enjoyable that you don’t want them to end. Now I must confess that writers sometimes feel that way about a book they are writing. We tend to fall in love with … Continue reading

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One Manuscript’s Journey to Publication

When A School for Sorcery, my first published novel, published by Tor in 2002, did so very well, I felt that I really had it made. I’d been writing for some time and had accumulated several unpublished manuscripts, but now … Continue reading

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What to Do When the Spellchecker Can’t Help You

The Spellchecker is the writer’s friend. It catches silly errors and major misspellings. It keeps us from making mistakes that would make us look like rank amateurs. But there are things it can’t do for us. There are times when … Continue reading

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From Short Story to Trilogy to …?

Yesterday I wrote about two wonderful rejection letters that led to my becoming a published novelist. I promised in that blog to explain today exactly how that came about. First, I took those letters very seriously. The fact that the editors had … Continue reading

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The Best Gifts

When I first started writing seriously rather than just for my own satisfaction, I wrote, sent out, and had published in small press publications several short stories. But there was one story that I really liked that was rejected by every … Continue reading

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