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On Writing Across Genres

Cross-genre works have become increasingly popular in recent years. They’ve always been around; they aren’t a new phenomenon. However, in the past it often proved difficult to get a cross-genre work published. That was not due to any fault in … Continue reading

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On Letting Go

In my previous blog I wrote about books so enjoyable that you don’t want them to end. Now I must confess that writers sometimes feel that way about a book they are writing. We tend to fall in love with … Continue reading

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Your Opinion, Please

As an author I fully understand the value of reviews and greatly appreciate readers who take the time to write a thoughtful review of one of my books. Whether the review praises the work or finds fault with it, whether … Continue reading

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Using personal experiences to enrich your writing

I just returned from spending a week in Georgia meeting in person for the first time my half-sister, her son, and her two daughters. The occasion was her son’s wedding. My sister and I only learned of each other’s existence … Continue reading

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Series or Stand-Alone

I’ve been blogging about my Arucadi series for the past several days, so you may wonder whether I’m only interested in writing novels in a series or whether I also write stand-alone novels. The answer is that I do both. … Continue reading

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The Best Gifts

When I first started writing seriously rather than just for my own satisfaction, I wrote, sent out, and had published in small press publications several short stories. But there was one story that I really liked that was rejected by every … Continue reading

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Magical Thinking

When I talk to people at book signings and readings, I often am asked why I write fantasy and whether I believe in the occult and in magic. To me those are two very different questions, but to the questioners … Continue reading

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