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When I was still teaching Spanish in public school but thinking about taking early retirement so that I could write full-time, I happened to be talking about that idea in the beauty salon one morning while getting my hair done. … Continue reading

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Yes, yes, I know. It’s been way too long since my last blog. I’d kind of soured on writing. I’ve been dealing first of all with my oldest dog’s kidney failure. She has less than 10% of her kidney function … Continue reading

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The Arucadi Series, Past, Present, and (I Hope) Future

I’ve already written a good bit about my Arucadi series of books, but I thought today I’d do a general overview of the series: the books already published and those in the planning stages. The books haven’t been written or … Continue reading

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One Manuscript’s Journey to Publication

When A School for Sorcery, my first published novel, published by Tor in 2002, did so very well, I felt that I really had it made. I’d been writing for some time and had accumulated several unpublished manuscripts, but now … Continue reading

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#SFWApro Because I’ve written several times about getting story ideas from dreams, I may have given the impression that that’s where all my ideas come from. While it’s true that most of my novels have at least one scene based … Continue reading

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Reviews of Mistress of the Wind

Here are three reviews of Mistress of the Wind. I’d love to have more. If you’ve read the novel, please consider posting a review either on Amazon or Goodreads. Mistress of the Wind, author E. Rose Sabin’s latest entry into … Continue reading

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