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On Writing Across Genres

Cross-genre works have become increasingly popular in recent years. They’ve always been around; they aren’t a new phenomenon. However, in the past it often proved difficult to get a cross-genre work published. That was not due to any fault in … Continue reading

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On Letting Go

In my previous blog I wrote about books so enjoyable that you don’t want them to end. Now I must confess that writers sometimes feel that way about a book they are writing. We tend to fall in love with … Continue reading

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A Book I Couldn’t Put Down

Recently I had the gratifying experience of having a friend read one of my books and being told that she found it hard to put down and that when she finished it, she couldn’t stop thinking about it. She asked … Continue reading

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Authors love it when someone takes the time to review their book. We need reviews. They feed our fragile egos. More importantly, they encourage others to read the book, and they are helpful in promoting the book on other sites. … Continue reading

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One Manuscript’s Journey to Publication

When A School for Sorcery, my first published novel, published by Tor in 2002, did so very well, I felt that I really had it made. I’d been writing for some time and had accumulated several unpublished manuscripts, but now … Continue reading

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#SFWApro Because I’ve written several times about getting story ideas from dreams, I may have given the impression that that’s where all my ideas come from. While it’s true that most of my novels have at least one scene based … Continue reading

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One Aspect of World Building

#SFWApro World building is a vitally important part of writing fantasy and science fiction when those novels or short stories are set in a world other than our own. It’s important when the story is set in our world, too, … Continue reading

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