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Yes, yes, I know. I haven’t blogged in a good long while despite my avowals of keeping to a more regular schedule. I do have good excuses reasons for my negligence. I wrote in an earlier blog that I had … Continue reading

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Young Adult Literature: Is It Only for Teens?

#SFWApro When I wrote A School for Sorcery, my first published novel, I wasn’t intentionally writing a book for teens. I wrote the kind of book I enjoy reading, and in line with the injunction to “write what you know,” … Continue reading

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From Short Story to Trilogy to …?

Yesterday I wrote about two wonderful rejection letters that led to my becoming a published novelist. I promised in that blog to explain today exactly how that came about. First, I took those letters very seriously. The fact that the editors had … Continue reading

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Titles Matter

I’ve been thinking about how I come up with titles for my books. Sometimes the title comes to me even before I start writing. At other times I struggle to find the right title and never do feel satisfied. And … Continue reading

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Missing Pieces

Since I’ve written about the rather strange way I write, someone may ask, Well, but does it work? I have published novels that testify to the fact that it does work. However, I must admit that it doesn’t always work. … Continue reading

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