Who I Am

I  live in Pinellas County, Florida, with my three wonderful dogs,  Kira, Juliet, and Pixie.  Kira, a beagle-Walker hound mix,  is a rescued dog and very shy due to prior abuse. But she’s learned to trust people now, and she does love to be petted and fussed over. I adopted Juliet, a pit bull mix, from a shelter. She’d been abandoned and picked up as a stray. She’s very playful and very loving. My newest dog is Pixie, also a rescue. She’s a beautiful girl but very shy. She loves to play with Juliet, and the two of them wear each other out tussling and chasing each other, keeping me entertained watching them.

I’m a former teacher, having taught Spanish and English for many years, mostly in middle school, but also as an adjunct instructor in junior college.  I’m now devoting my time to writing fantasy and science fiction stories and novels. My stories have won many awards, and A School for Sorcery—my first novel—won the Andre Norton Gryphon award in 1992 as an unpublished manuscript.  It was followed by two other novels in the same series, set in the world of Arucadi: A Perilous Power and When the Beast Ravens, the three books published by Tor in hard cover and later in trade paperback as part of Tor’s StarScape YA line. They and a fourth book in the series, Bryte’s Ascent, available exclusively as an ebook, are my Arucadi series.

I have a stand-alone adult novel, only marginally a fantasy, titled Seduction of the Scepter, published by WiDo Publishing. I also have a science fiction trilogy, the Terrano Trilogy, published by Double-Dragon E-Books. The titles of the books in that trilogy are Shadow of a Demon, The Gift of the Trinde Tree, and Touch of Death. Mistress of the Wind, the first book of a duology (which may or may not become a trilogy), Arucadi, The Beginning, is out now and will be followed by Bringers of Magic.

All my books are available as e-books and all except Bryte’s Ascent are available as trade paperbacks as well.
For more information, visit my official website at www.erosesabin.com.

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