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Our Changing Language

#SFWApro Living languages change. Always. That’s just a fact of life. Words change their meaning or drop out of use altogether. New words are added. Sometimes old words that have dropped out are resurrected, perhaps with a new meaning, perhaps … Continue reading

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What to Do When the Spellchecker Can’t Help You

The Spellchecker is the writer’s friend. It catches silly errors and major misspellings. It keeps us from making mistakes that would make us look like rank amateurs. But there are things it can’t do for us. There are times when … Continue reading

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Does grammar still matter?

#SFWApro It seems to me that in this day of texting and tweeting and Facebook messages we have great communication channels but our language is suffering. People are in too much of a hurry to worry about spelling and grammar, … Continue reading

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Get Rid of Those Tics

#SFWApro Afflicted with tics? Most of us are. Every writer has “tics”—words, expressions, sentence structures that we overuse without realizing it. We tend not to see them when we edit. If we notice them at all, we may think these … Continue reading

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Language Matters

I started out writing academic papers and articles, so when I turned from that type of writing to fiction, my sentences tended to be stilted and wordy, and I still have problems along that line from time to time. That’s … Continue reading

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